Marketing and advertising

Oliver focuses in specific areas in the hotel and restaurant business with the global idea for development and improvement of the quality of the services provided until reaching of internationally recognized professional levels
  • Development of the initial design idea of the hotel or beverage place, functional and interior design and organization of the working spaces, organizing of the overall personnel activities and personnel training, monitoring and control of all work levels, assessment of target groups of clients.
  • Development and elaboration of the finance policy of the hotel and restaurant, pricing of the services provided and elaboration of a professional menu;
  • Lowering and optimization of labor costs;
  • Management of the working time of the hotel and restaurant;
  • Selection, evaluation and testing of n integrated software system of hotel and restaurant business;
  • Working with clients:
    • Attract a bigger number of clients and their segmentation;
    • Targeting of potential clients;
    • Working with key customers and organization of their segmentation;
  • Presenting and advertisement of the hotel and restaurant to corporate clients.