What we do

Our company specializes in economic consultancy assistance and advisory services in all fields of electronic communications and related technologies and in various other business sectors

Oliver is a company founded by a core team of professionals with more than ten years of experience in the economic consultancy and business-consulting field. Our company specializes in economic consultancy assistance and advisory services in all fields of electronic communications and related technologies and in various other business sectors.

By our network of professionals, most with advanced degrees in economics, law, finance, engineering, accounting, business management and administration, we provide a fact-based expertise and solutions, individualized reports and analyses on the most critical matters in the ICT industry. Our services comprise economic, financial, and business strategies to corporations, small businesses, entrepreneurs, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

In addition to our staff experts, we build and maintain close relationships with highly specialized experts from academia, industry, and government. We provide timely access and insights that will make a difference for our clients by providing a thorough interpretation of a variety of complex business, legal and investment issues.

Our clients are varying from small companies to highly developed businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

Our services are designed to help companies and organizations in all fields of electronic communications, construction, advertising, hotels and food enterprising, business management and administration to know and understand regulatory and policy developments that affect their activities and interests, and build sustainable strategies to their businesses. Our staff members adhere to strict professional standards and a rigorous code of ethics.

We deliver essential advice on market trends and drivers, and insight into companies, markets and technologies. We have specific expertise in the following areas:

  • Telecom Industry analysis;
  • Strategy development and business planning;
  • Market strategy, planning and monitoring specific projects and service targets;
  • Tender procedures strategy and analysis;
  • Costing and pricing;
  • Economic regulatory and litigation support in the telecom industry;
  • End to end development and operation, management and administration of hotels, food enterprises and construction business;
  • Advertising business activities, development and management of independent advertising agencies;
  • Business and management consulting
  • Consultations regarding functionality and exploitation on the level of provisional project, newly constructed or operating public and administrative buildings and residential buildings, as well as hotels, restaurants and beverage places;
  • Investments management and control;
  • Development of complex marketing and/or advertising concepts.

Benefitting from the services offered by Oliver provides you with a variety of deliverables focused primarily in the electronic communications business. These are tailor made combinations of research and advice, featuring valuable contact and enquiry time with our industry analysts. We analyze emerging trends and our field of expertise is in the most difficult area of the convergent space between technologies.

In our work with clients we address a range of strategic, regulatory, financial and operational issues. We employ structured methodologies and advanced tools and models enabling us to leverage our expertise more efficiently and effectively.

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