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strategy, sales strategy, M&S strategy

Oliver provides customized business and management
consulting services and integrated business solutions
in the fields of strategic planning and marketing

No matter the size - startup business, small and medium sized enterprise (SME), or large corporation - marketing and sales are critical to every company’s success in the market place. However, many businesses don't fully capitalize on their market opportunities.

Too often, particularly in smaller and medium-sized enterprises, sales is performed in an untargeted and opportunistic way and good money is unnecessarily spent on suboptimal mass advertisement while there is no clear marketing and sales plan and no marketing and sales strategy in place.

In a highly competitive market environment, professional and cost-effective targeted marketing and sales, based on a clearly defined marketing & sales strategy, is essential.

With a strong focus on startup companies and small and medium-sized enterprises, Oliver helps clients to develop their marketing and sales strategy based on cost effective marketing and sales plans that are optimally aligned with their market opportunities and tailored to their individual needs and budgets.