Oliver creates and offers to its clients and partners a
constantly developing complex of solutions in the area
of construction and investment projects management

Our partners, as well as our team are qualified and possess the necessary expertise to handle the following tasks:

Investigation of the elaborated designs and technical specifications;

  • Timely fixing of gaps and incompleteness within the design and the technical specification complementary work and necessary amendments as well as monitoring of their timely completion;
  • Control over the performance of the design solutions and technical specifications related to valuation of quantities and prices;
  • Control over the technology of the works as well as the completion of the design works as per the different types;
  • Signing of certification protocols for volume performance, prices, engineer contracts and force major;
  • Mediation regarding contacts between field managers, designers, public technical offices and state controlling authorities;
  • Participation in elaboration of the performance schedules and intermediary payments and control related to their performance;
  • Control over the performance of various types of other activities agreed with the Assignor, with constructors, subcontractors, designers, supervisors and suppliers;
  • Participation in commissions on behalf of the Assignor within its competences.