Telecoms market review

Oliver has the quantitative capabilities, market knowledge
and experience to help your organization tackle
the real-life decisions that need to be taken

We assess competition in telecoms markets, develop public policies, and help our clients determine or anticipate relevant remedies.

Oliver has developed a systematic approach to market-entry strategies, allowing us to create well-supported and objective plans that extract maximum value from internal assets and investment, and ultimately increased competitiveness and secured revenue

We have used this approach to:

  • Decrease the financial uncertainty that derives from lack of comprehensive market analysis and a structured strategic plan
  • Enable business plan collaboration and financial planning - initial business case assumptions need to be revisited to better correspond with market conditions and chosen market position;
  • Create launch efficiency by delivering a framework for subsequent planning of tactical launch activities, coordinating and prioritizing tasks for launch team
  • Enable risk management and market perception control through contingency planning;

Our approach to developing a market-entry strategy follows a proven and structured process, based on extensive industry experience and in-depth understanding of all aspects that feed into commercial launch.

A comprehensive analysis, using market data and tailored market research, allows us to assess all areas affecting the operator’s strategic direction:

  • Market dynamics - detailed consumer and business market segmentation and analysis of market drivers will be undertaken to identify the most valuable target segments and underlying reasons for market growth. Specific target areas are evaluated to provide key inputs: retail structures, financial transactions systems and Internet usage provide input to sales and distribution planning;
  • Competitive landscape - extensive competitive profiling in areas such as positioning, brand, target segments, value proposition, market offer, pricing, customer care, sales & distribution, coverage, network & support systems enable assessment of competitors’ strengths and weaknesses;
  • Macro-economic outlook - analysis of relevant macroeconomic data determine market and segment growth;
  • Legislation and regulatory framework - description of opportunities and risk assessment within the current regulatory environment that affects market and segment growth.