Telecom strategy elaboration, development
management monitoring and review

Oliver has the quantitative capabilities, market knowledge
and experience to help your organization tackle
the real-life decisions that need to be taken

Our in-depth understanding of key market drivers and business dynamics, extensive global industry experience and thorough market analysis skills enable us to develop sound business strategies aimed at delivering defined financial objectives.

We assist clients in identifying, developing and evaluating strategic options across all facets of the telecom and media industries, from consolidating or developing the current business portfolio, to expansion into new territories, technologies or capabilities. This includes advice on strategic structures such as various forms of partnerships or acquisitions.

We generally base our recommendations on:

  • Our comprehensive analysis of market information and context;
  • Our financial and performance KPIs prognosis;
  • The developed by Oliver business models which evaluate the financial impact of each option;
  • We use a proven and systematic approach to assessing the risks and rewards of various strategic opportunities, focusing on:
    • Capturing and addressing key issues and sources of business risks;
    • Extracting maximum value of internal assets and investments;
    • Creating sustainable market differentiation and competitive advantage;
    • Securing revenue growth, operational efficiency and long-term profitability.